Mirae Climate


Flight-based Weather Briefing and More...

Easy access to all the weather information for pre-flight briefing
- significant weather, turbulence, icing, CB clouds and all -
on your flight route


Mirae AVIATOR is a subscription-based total solution for Aviation Weather, integrating all the information from flight database, weather observations and forecasts, aerial map, and real-time flight tracking.
Aerial map & flight tracking is under heavy development at the moment (as in Sep 2016), and is not serviced yet.
Currently, Mirae AVIATOR is available on both web and iPad, providing all the information you need for pre-flight briefing, including SigWX, WinTemp, Turbulence, CB clouds, Icing charts, conveniently customized just for the flight path. Users can retrieve all the information just by entering the flight number.

Key Features

  1. Weather charts retrieval by entering flight number
  2. Turbulence, CB clouds, Icing charts, in addition to SigWX and WinTemp
  3. Satellite images over the flight path
  4. Radar images over the flight path (partially available)
  5. Aerial map information
  6. Realtime flight tracking (Under development)
  7. Mobile App available for iPads

Screen Samples