Mirae Climate

Mirae WAVE

Weather Analysis & Visualization Environment

Providing interactive & powerful 3D tools
for the visualization and analysis of meteorological phenomena,
with various charts, multiple layers, animations, and easy-to-use camera control

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Flight-based Weather Briefing and More...

Easy access to all the weather information for pre-flight briefing
- significant weather, turbulence, icing, CB clouds and all -
on your flight route

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Intelligent Weather Forecast
for Your Upcoming Events

Weather forecast for the place & time of your choosing,
with real-time notifications when the forecast changes.
(Service available in South Korea only)

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Meteorology to Improve
Productivity, Safety and Quality
for Everyone

Mirae Climate was founded in 2008, and has been working with Korea Meteorological Administration and other organizations in Korea, providing IT solutions specialized in atmospheric science for various public and industrial institutions and services.
The scope of our systems and solutions ranges from the systems for governmental/public services, to commercial software products, and public weather forecast service on smart mobile devices, providing valuable and timely information to many users in both professional and public domain.
We combine advanced IT technologies with specialized knowledge, and innovate the way how people acquire and use meteorological information, so that everyone can improve the productivity, safety and quality both in the work place and in their everyday life.